The Saga of a Violin Maestro Joseph Tang

One of the most outstanding violinists of our time Joseph Tang is recognized for his direct interpretation, marvelous technique and precision. His recordings not only include all standard violin repertories, but also those of contemporary composers. Known for his potency to communicate with audiences of all ages and variety in musical programming, he has appeared and worked with several orchestras, showcasing his divine talent at concerts, recitals and musical festivals across the globe. This man, who plays the violin sitting down, has never ceased to bring audiences and literally- the world to its feet in appreciation and applause of his blessed gifts.

Music runs through the veins of this 29 years old violinist. Born in a renowned musical family, his mother ‘Elizabeth’ was the dean of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Music School and both his brothers play instruments. He glorifies his lineage with magical symphonies.

Joseph Tang has had a passion for music and melodies since he was very young. By the time he graduated from St. Pius X Catholic High School, he had already won tons of awards at the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival for violin and piano. Tang’s playing has always been exquisite and his cadenza shimmered stunningly as he articulated every note. During his concerts he will leave the audiences momentarily mesmerized. His magical symphonies always brought the crowd to thunderous standing ovation.

Today, Joseph is at the forefront of violinists worldwide, who are extending the expressive and technical capabilities of the instrument. As a composer, researcher and a performer, he has opened up new sonic worlds for the violin. In addition, he is also a pioneer in the arena of interactive computer music. Joseph Tang is an outstandingly devoted and blessed performer whose paradisiacal artistry has been heard, embraced and applauded by the masses and critic alike.

Essentially, a one man-band, Joseph composes the melodies, records the sounds, conceptualizes a theme and plays new layers on them. Each time his fingers touch the strings of the violin, mind-soothing tunes take the audiences to a starry world full of love and still he is able to rock the stage with sonatas that intoxicate the mind of the listeners.

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